Phone: 617.527.9857
663 Saw Mill Brook Parkway
Newton, MA 02459
Monday-Friday: 7AM-6:30PM
Saturday: 8AM-5PM

  • Dry cleaning and laundry
  • Free pick-up and delivery*
  • Alterations and tailoring
  • Superior care for business, luxury and designer clothing; wedding gowns; leather and suede
  • Free winter/summer storage for winter and summer clothes (after cleaning)
  • Uggs and other footwear
  • Linens and bedding
  • Draperies and upholstery
  • Fur cleaning: coats, collars, hats, jackets
  • Area rugs, including Oriental rugs

At Oak Hill Cleaners, we give our full attention to every detail in the cleaning process, always going the extra mile for our customers. Your receipt tells you the date and time when your items will be ready. We fully inspect each garment and pre-spot before washing. This ensures that stains will not be set permanently by the heat during cleaning. We also re-inspect after cleaning and post-spot if necessary. If there is a stain left, we remove it before pressing the garment. After pressing, Jane inspects again and will do minor repairs at no charge.
Men's shirts are laundered at our great price with our special service of pre-spotting collars and cuffs to get out stains. Shirts go through the regular cycle, then are pressed and re-inspected. If there is a minor problem such as a missing button, we will take care of it at no charge.